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Communications and Systems

Internet and mobile communication are the key focus of today's Information Communications Technology. The former yields many new revolutions in our social life and the latter provides a pervasive communication media by which people can communicate with each other anytime and anywhere.

However, current mobile communication systems only render limited access to the services of the Internet due to their limited bandwidth, a typical characteristic of wireless media.

The Internet's abundance of services and growing repository of knowledge should be also accessible wirelessly in an advanced ICT society. Investing in communication has been our goal since the establishment of our company.

The telecommunications companies and projects in which we may invest are engaged in the following products or services: regular telephone service throughout the world; wireless communications services and equipment, including cellular telephone, microwave and satellite communications, among other emerging wireless technologies; equipment and services for both data and voice transmission, including computer hardware and software; electronic components and communications equipment: video conferencing; electronic mail: local and wide area networking, and linkage of data and word processing systems; publishing and information systems; video text and teletext: emerging technologies combining television, telephone and computer systems: broadcasting, including television and radio via VHF. UHF. satellite and microwave transmission and cable television.


The semiconductor industry is showing continuous growth, but in a cyclical pattern with high volatility.

According to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics, or WSTS. semiconductor industry sales are expected to grow 4.5% this year, against a decline of 3.2% last year.

The decline in the computer market segment and rising demand for analog and embedded segments are some of the reasons behind this volatility.

The role of the industry as technology enabler makes us put it on a top priority list and we created a specialized fund for that purpose.

The semiconductor industry is widely recognized as a key driver for economic growth in its role as a multiple lever and technology enabler for the whole electronics value chain.